About me:

Studio Veel specializes in designing and crafting custom props, products, and objects with a minimalist touch. Our expertise in both manual manufacturing and 3D design/printing allows us to bring your ideas to life, creating tangible and unique products.

Hi! I’m Kim van Veelen, the owner of Studio Veel. After graduating from the Utrecht School of the Arts, I created numerous sculptures using various classical methods. I spent my days working with clay, plaster, and wax, and my artwork has been showcased at various local and national exhibitions.

As time went on, I ventured into 3D scanning, designing, and printing, which granted me more artistic freedom. Collaborating with diverse theater groups and designers also allowed me to create unexpected and fascinating pieces.

With Studio Veel, my goal is to make the production of objects, figures, or prototypes accessible to everyone. Whether you have a simple or complex idea, I’m here to help. I enjoy collaborating with you, using my creativity to transform your ideas into tangible objects. Let’s turn your vision into reality!